Thursday, March 10, 2011

DAY 158 - Plan for Health: write it

That’s right, you don’t have one, and your parents didn’t have one, and there is virtually nothing in our culture that suggests that it would be smart and joyful for you to have a written plan for your health. I’m not talking about medical insurance, what we loosely call a health plan, but rather, a strategy for being well throughout your life, that you have created, and that you have committed to paper or to a digital file.

Important undertakings deserve a plan. Critical undertakings require a written plan. Supporting and maintaining your health is critical, and you know it.

We have not had the good fortune of being raised and entrained with the practice of keeping a written health plan. No problem; as adults, we can recognize the value of our health, look around and see that we and our fellow Americans are not well, and begin to write a plan for our own health.

I have created a starter template called “My Written Health Plan”, and posted it online, for those who would like to get started. You can find it by going to: and clicking on the link on the right called “Forms”.

It may take a little sitting with this idea for it to sink in. Imagine embarking on a long, and at times dangerous journey, without a map. A healthful life is such a journey, and is made safer and more joyful when one carries a written and personalized health plan.

For those of us adults who may not be quite ready to begin creating our own health plan, I would encourage us to think about where our children and grandchildren will get their plans from. Or will they make the trek of their life without a map?

Will you join me in leading the way?

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