Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DAY 164 - When I Was a Kid

Courtesy me'nthedogs at Flickr Commons
When I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s, “yelp” was what a dog did when you accidentally stepped on its tail.

Today, it’s clearly no accident, there’s no dog, and you either have an axe to grind, or you just had a great time and have to tell the world. is a website dedicated to connecting people with great local businesses.

You young folks have already been there, but for us older folks, Yelp is accomplishing its mission by providing a site where anyone can write a review on virtually any business. In January of 2011, 45 million people visited Yelp to tell their story.

One of the things that I love about Yelp is that isn’t the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages ads, and I know, cuz I had ads for 20+ years, are simply a compilation of the business owner’s self-compliments. When we are looking for goods or services, the last thing we really need is the owner’s promotional take on himself. What we do need, and want, is the inside scoop from a few people who have been there and done that. We are looking for a Yelp, not a Yellow.

Well, I couldn’t resist; my office is now listed on Yelp; Ventura Chiropractic & Massage (the zip is 93003). Here’s the best part; as a small business owner with a Yelp listing, you are provided the opportunity to know what your patients/clients think of you without having to come back from the dead and visit your own memorial service. Check it out: 

Hey, don’t they say that it’s better to give flowers to the living?

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  1. Ken and I were talking about you this morning and were wondering if you had every thought about running a deal on Groupon? The chiropractor that I saw in NY ran a deal on Groupon and got 500 new patients. Might be something you want to think about.