Friday, April 1, 2011

DAY 180 - The Yoga of Nuclear Power

photo courtesy of topato at Flickr Commons
doing my yoga today

responding to the ever-tightening nature of human existence

asking myself, to what degree the restriction and mild soreness in my traps, lumbar spine and hamstrings are the result of my fear that we humans will continue to choose instant gratification over care and safety, as we are now by creating dangerous nuclear power plants, and leaving a legacy of highly toxic radioactive waste for countless generations of our children, at incalculable expense, over hundreds of thousands of years

is that any way to treat our children?

ah well .... back to my yoga

I’m not ready for rigor mortis yet


  1. I remember back when I first heard about nuclear power plants, I thought "This can't be good!" If that 11-year-old could see it, why can't everyone? ~Jean

  2. Beautiful and powerful question, Jean.