Sunday, February 27, 2011

DAY 147 - Knowing Pains

MoveOn Dec 2005
While there is clarity within medical science that there are no such things as growing pains; since physical growth does not cause pain, knowing pains ARE real.

A very-late bloomer, but by age 50 I finally knew that I was a part of the whole of humanity.

The knowing pains I feel are not sharp, nor stabbing. I am not bleeding.

It would be so easy to just know that I am a part; what’s difficult is figuring out what my part is in contributing to us.

What ARE our needs, and when am I in balance in supporting me, relative to supporting us?

Too often I am a deer in the headlights, frozen by distress born of limitless factors to consider, and uncertainty. How can I serve us in the most helpful ways?

I hope that my frozen figure in the headlights does not startle nor confuse others.

In fact, I hope that my open expression of the part of my life that is confused, will help to thaw me, and provide warmth for others, knowing my care for us.

Thank goodness I am not alone.

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