Monday, July 4, 2011

DAY 274 - The Real Fireworks in My Life

As I write, it is July 4, 2011. Some of my family, including my wife, my kids, their significant others, my grandkids, and I are vacationing in a beautiful house on the beach in Mexico.

On this special day, let me say that I AM a patriot; not a love-it-or-leave-it patriot, but maybe what you would call an Obama-style patriot; grateful to have been born in our wonderful Country (turns out he was too), knowing that we are better than no one, and valuing global cooperation for the common good. But, as you might suspect from the title, today’s consciousness post is not about celebration of the birth of my Country, it’s about something bigger.

Mid-morning today, some family off to the local market, others on the beach, my daughter Jovi and I found ourselves in conversation about family; challenges, and the desire of each member to be a loving and loved part of the whole. In a quiet moment, during which I had come up for air, Jovi said, “Dad, I know how much you love me.” ... I felt it welling up inside me. I got up from my side of the corner sofa, knelt beside her and caressed her head. As I thanked her, I began to sob, not painfully, but deeply in my gut. It came in waves. Tears, sobbing, gratitude, relief. “Many people would give the world for this. ... I would give the world for this”, I said between sobs.

That’s my kind of fireworks.

It’s not that I didn’t know my daughter’s love. Apparently, I need reminders, reconfirmation.

There is no question I have fixated on wanting to be a good dad. For me, that means, most importantly, that they know I love them, and feel I treat them in a loving way. I am home when I know their love for me.

What I would wish, this July 4th, for our Nation, and for the entire world, is for more individuals to accept the love others feel for them, and clearly express the love they have for others.

Happy Interdependence Day!


  1. that my dear friend is exactly how i feel about you

  2. Thank you Jorge! I love you too! You are a remarkable man!

  3. I cried reading this. You are a
    wonderful person and i can't
    imagine anyone Not loving you.
    I love you and I love Jo and I
    love Jovita and I love Kenny.

    1. Thank you Karan. You, too, are a wonderful person!
      I teared-up re-reading it again myself. Deeply important feeling loved.