Saturday, July 16, 2011

DAY 286 – What’s The Point?

The Point is a revolutionary way for individuals to combine their influence and make things happen they can't achieve alone.

Whether you’re asking people to do something or give money, people only contribute if they think it makes a difference. On The Point, all campaigns have a “tipping point” — people pledge to give money or do something, but no one does a thing until the conditions are met to make contributions worthwhile. That way, you can gather all the resources needed to be successful before anyone is asked to take action. The Point aims to fix the problems with online petitions, mass letter-writing tools, or many fundraising efforts — it’s not clear how participation translates into results.

Campaigns on The Point are results-oriented, create real incentives for change, and only ask people to act when it actually makes a difference. The Point rethinks group action from the ground up to leverage the Web, opening the door for solving problems that couldn’t be addressed otherwise.

And, what’s Our Point?

Well, our dear friend, Rachel Morris, President of Ventura Climate Care Options Organized Locally (VCCool), a committed environmentalist and cyclists, had her bicycle stolen on June 19th. For years, Rachel has given an enormous amount of time and work to our community and to our earth. She has earned, and deserved our support in this time of need.

I had heard of The Point, and now we had one! That same day I went to the site, and set up a campaign called Replace Rachel’s Stolen Bike. Friends and supporters were asked to contribute $5 or more to get us to $500 to buy a new bike for Rachel. Worked like a charm; 20 days later, on July 9th we were at The $500 Tipping Point, enough for the new bike!

The Point? United, we’re getting Rachel a new bike.

Together, what else can we make happen? Get My Point?


  1. This is such an awesome thing you did for my step-mom, Kristofer. Thanks for watching out for Rachel and helping her get back on two wheels!

  2. Alisa,
    Thank you so much!!! You are so welcome!!! Rachel gives more to the world than most people I know! The least we can do is replace her bike.
    Again, thank you!