Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DAY 289 - Google + Us May = Better Health

Google has released a beta version of a new social networking platform that may compete with Facebook, and that provides a number of very attractive and functional features not offered by Facebook. Unlike Facebook, the Google+ project allows you to choose which groups you want to share things with. Google+ also offers free video conferencing which it calls Hangouts.

So what’s the connection between hanging out on Google, and health?

Individuals can now come together, without leaving their own homes, to share, and discuss the important issue of health; personal, public or global.

Shortly, I will begin using Google Hangouts to consult with some of my patients.

Community of Health Ventura” public health education meetings will begin offering Google Hangout attendance at our monthly meetings. I will use this function to enable other health experts to join us and speak on the areas of their expertise. Right now I’m thinking about inviting my friend, Thomas Sult, MD (3rd Opinion: Functional Medicine Clinic) of Willmar, Minnesota, to speak to us about the practice of Functional Medicine.

Groups like the Ojai Valley Green Coalition and Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions could expand access to their monthly meetings, and their work on local and global issues by offering live video conferencing of the events.

I am also imagining and looking into offering mini-classes on health, chiropractic and Functional Medicine to teachers in classrooms in the Ojai Unified School District and the Ventura Unified School District.

This excites me!

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