Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DAY 254 - Gramma Picking Berries

Weeding, watering, planting and setting gopher traps midday today in the beauty and bounty of our organic vegetable garden. As I headed in to get cleaned up to go to the office I passed by my wife, Joanne, quietly picking blackberries. I was 30 feet closer to the house when I finally, and clearly recognized the calm and comfort that I had experienced on seeing Joanne gathering berries.

On reflection I realized that Joanne reminded me of someone’s peaceful, unhurried and loving grandmother, gathering food for the family.

Interesting that I had almost no contact with my grandparents. Interesting, neither did I grow up with vegetable gardens. But I knew this scene with its serenity.

Slightly surprised, it dawned on me that Joanne IS a gramma, though she prefers Noona. And there she was, peacefully, unhurriedly, and lovingly gathering food for our family.

Our first vegetable garden was in 1972 when we were in college. And now, here we are, Noona and Grampa working quietly in the garden.

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