Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DAY 240 - Community and the Common Good

The place (Hartigan/Foley Contractors - 28 West Main Street, Ventura California 93001) was packed! The occasion today was a press conference at which Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett announced his candidacy for another term on the Board in 2012.

I could list the leaders of our community who were there to share in the announcement and to commit their support, but I won’t. What is more important is that the room was filled with individuals who are committed to the common good, and know that Steve Bennett will continue to tirelessly, and intelligently lead us toward that common good.

A smiling Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks rhetorically asked the crowd, “Isn’t it great when you can vote for someone you like?” Steve Bennett is liked because, as Sheriff Dean stated, you can trust him. He is also liked because he is caring, hard-working, dependable, smart, and looks out for all people.

It will be a pleasure voting for Supervisor Bennett next year. In the meantime, it will be a pleasure contributing time and money to assure that we continue to have his leadership.

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