Saturday, November 6, 2010

DAY 32 – Bell’s Palsy Prompts Call from Alabama

I’ve been treating Lenny for about 20 years now. We’ve been through a lot together; pain, insurance companies, and a near-death experience. Through all of it, the mutual trust we started with has only grown stronger.

When I answered the office phone this morning, it was Lenny calling from Alabama. Being retired and free, he and his wife had packed up the trailer two weeks ago and set out to visit relatives in the South.

He was calling for my advice. His adult daughter had just been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (a usually temporary, one-sided paralysis of muscles of the face, caused by disturbance of the facial nerve). Her MD had given her a steroid injection and advised her that there was little that she could do but wait it out (usually 4-8 weeks).

Lenny and I have been through these before. When a question arises about health, any aspect of health, whether his, a family member’s, or a friend’s, he checks in with me for guidance. His question now was, was the MD correct, or was there anything else that could be done for his daughter, or that she could do for herself.

My answer included:
1)    Bell’s Palsy is hypothesized to be caused by inflammation or viral infection. While the MD reduces inflammation with steroids, it would be wise to lower inflammation oneself by temporarily removing animal products from the diet, by markedly decreasing sugars and refined starches, by removing common food allergens such as dairy products, and by taking beneficial bacteria (probiotics) orally,
2)    Alternating ice and heat (10 min each and 40 minutes off) applied to the back of the neck and base of the skull,
3)    Receive skilled chiropractic adjustment to restore mobility to the joints of the neck, if found to be stiff or restricted.

Not born yesterday, Lenny knows that it is not probable that there would be only one treatment for a condition. And he knows to ask questions. With questions answered, he felt relieved, and could now help his daughter. He thanked me and assured me that he would keep me informed of his daughter’s progress.

Trust and communication, a powerful duo.

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