Saturday, November 13, 2010

DAY 39 - Wanted: Mojo Outside of Washington

Let me just lay it out the way it happened:

My wife said, “I think you will find this opinion piece interesting.”

So, I picked up this morning’s Ventura County Star and began to read Eugene Robinson’s piece entitled Wanted: Mojo all around in Washington. In the first paragraph Robinson tells us that voters made a powerful statement about leadership in last week’s election, and states that the President, my President, didn’t pay any attention to the voice of the electorate.

Mr. Robinson may be looking for “mojo” in Washington, but let me tell you, he’s got some "mojo" right here in Ojai, California to deal with. First of all, he is wrong, the President is always paying attention, and secondly, I don’t appreciate it when folks talk that way about our President.

After the first paragraph, I took a moment to acknowledge to myself that, yeah, he got my goat; brought out my feminine side. I’m talkin’ about that feminine side of a grizzly bear when someone or something is too close to her cubs.

Then I read the rest of the column.

Mr. Robinson continues by second guessing Obama on a variety of issues, and then sets him straight with the universal truth that Presidents “aren’t allowed to be discouraged”. In his own words, he informs the President that the President’s job is to BS the public about a variety of important issues; tell the public that everything is rosy, even when it is clearly not the case.

Must be great to have a job writing, complaining and criticizing. Our Country can’t seem to get enough of that.

But, I’m more interested in the “mojo” of the citizens of our great Country. Our President told us long before his election that he could not make things right in our Country by himself. He clearly and repeatedly told us that he needed our help; that he needed us to stand up and begin working together with him. My question to us, and to Mr. Robinson is, are we deaf? Or what is it that we don’t understand about “working together”?

Blaming the President, the governor, the county supervisor, the mayor, our parents for everything has long been standard operating procedure in our Country. I recommend that we not continue this foolishness.

President Obama’s got “mojo”; the question is, do “we the people”?

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