Friday, November 12, 2010

DAY 38 – Show Obvious Care

Communication is the transmission and reception of signals. When sending and receiving are in sync, the harmonious dancing of all things is facilitated.

At times, if not often, transmissions can be too subtle to be received, too garbled to be understood, or in a language not translatable.

Reception has its own frailties; defective receiver components, data overload, and mixed or overriding messages.

When communication breaks down, the dancing doesn’t stop. At first dancers collide, without signal connection, the dancers may attack one another or damage the set.

When communication breaks down, I don’t feel safe. The fact is, it does break down…, and it breaks down a lot…, around the world, in my immediate world, and certainly in my interactions.

A small part of my trying to respond to the known dangers of dis-communication, and my trying to create safety for all, is a sticker that I print and wear which says “show obvious care”. It is a reminder for me, and for those who see and feel the message, to “show/communicate”, “obvious/clear”, “care/a desire not to collide, a commitment not to attack, and a joy in the comfort of others“.

I want to live in such a way that I clearly transmit, and that others completely feel, my care for them. The sticker is just a backup; an attempt to be obvious.

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