Thursday, November 11, 2010

DAY 37 - You’re Not Getting Old…You’re Getting Sick

Why do most people fall apart as they age? Why do so many seniors require multiple drugs to prop themselves up? Is it the ticking of the clock?

If you believe that your state of health is primarily determined by the lapsed time since your birth, BEWARE!!!

Not only is it logical, and obvious, but it is supported by scientific evidence that poor health is most strongly associated with not taking care of oneself. (This is not a statement of blame; unless we are all to blame. Who among us couldn’t do a better job?)

Americans don’t get enough sleep, don’t exercise, don’t meditate, don’t stretch, don’t eat greens, do eat lots of sugar, don’t eat a varied diet, don’t know that they are allergic to foods that they eat, don’t have adequate loving relationships, and live in fear of a god, themselves, their parents, their spouse, their kids, their boss, and their neighbor.

After a few years, that kind of life could wear a body down.

While poor self-care is dangerous; the real danger is believing, or wanting to believe that the clock causes our failing health.

The good news, for those who awaken to the truth, is that while time can not be stopped, turned back, nor remedied, poor self-care is easily set on track with things as simple and accessible as a spinach salad, a half hour of yoga, or a clear expression of love to another.

It’s all good news when we realize that the keys to staying healthy as we age, are right in our own pockets!!!

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