Thursday, October 14, 2010

DAY 10 – Election on Tuesday, November 2nd + Obama

I am so impressed with Barack Obama!!!

He’ll not be on the ballot; I got that. But I just want to get off my chest my thoughts and feelings about the badmouthing of our President and how that may affect this election.

First of all, my concerns are not with the “opposition”. I am concerned about the “liberals” and “progressives” who have such negative things to say about our President.

Day after day I hear many libs and progs saying what a lousy President he is because he hasn’t ended the war in Afghanistan, is too slow re Iraq, hasn’t ended “don’t ask, don’t tell”, didn’t provide universal health care, etc...

My points would be:
1) President Obama has accomplished much! Nice list here:
2) It would be wise to evaluate his presidency by looking at all the issues, the context in which they have occurred, and his track record for the entire package.
3) It is not wise to pick ones pet concern, and then when it has not been taken care of, blame the President and say that he has done nothing.
4) The President does not have the power to change all things to way that he would like them to be.
5) Nice to remember that these are particularly difficult times and conditions that he faces.
6) Do you think that you could do a better job?
7) The President has repeatedly, since before his election, told us that he can’t make change by himself and that he needs us to work with him.
8) Most people I know that complain about our President, are doing little or nothing to bring about change.
9) Let’s learn what democracy is, and what it requires, and then let’s do it. And complaining ain’t the ticket.
10) Vote!

It is also true that there are many Americans who are so grateful to our President, and can hardly believe our fortune as we work with him to further improve our nation. I am one of them.

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