Friday, October 8, 2010

DAY 4 – Ojai Recognizes Global Warming

OK, let’s be serious! Not all of Ojai, California recognizes global warming, so this title really means, some of Ojai recognizes global warming and will be lending a hand to do something about it.

I have organized a small local project in conjunction with and in conjunction with individuals and groups ALL AROUND THE WORLD on 10/10/10 to lend a hand toward reducing global warming.

My project involves volunteers (you and me) coming out to Mano Farm ( in Ojai on Sunday, October 10 between 4 and 6 PM to work with the 3 farmers, Justin Huhn, Quin Shakra, and David Klein on their organic, CSA-producing local farm! Like the idea? Like your kids to work in the dirt and get to understand real food better? Sign up at:

Photo courtesy of Mano Farm


  1. Good luck Sunday with this great project! I'm in Indiana -- Purdue -- this week or else I'd be there taking part.

  2. Thank you Woody! It would have been a joy to have you with us. It is a greater joy to have you as a friend.

    Check out our brief report and photo! Sweet!