Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DAY 2 – Do You Have a Health Plan?

And he answered, “Sure!”

“So, what’s your health plan?” I asked.

“Well, it just changed, but it’s either Blue Cross or Kaiser.”

“No”, I chuckled, “I mean what is your plan for being healthy.”

Every man, woman and child WOULD BE FORTUNATE to have medical insurance to protect them from the often hefty, if not bank-breaking, costs of  treatment of a major disease or injury. But every man, woman and child NEEDS a real health plan; a personalized plan for how to be healthy.

Some things in life can be done on the fly; by the seat of your pants. Health doesn’t work like that. If we desire a great outcome, like excellent health, we best have a plan. If we’re going to stack the deck against developing life-threatening or life-altering conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes or dementia, we need a plan.

Now, a real health plan should, of course, be a written plan. It’s a little too sketchy to just have a plan in mind. I’m going to bet that you don’t have one. I’ll bet your children don’t either. Consider the risk that you and your family live with when you have no plan.

Keep in mind; we Americans are not the picture of health. In 2004 33% of Americans were overweight and 34% of Americans were obese. That’s two thirds of all Americans. That excess fat is a risk factor for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and more. We need only scratch the surface to see that most Americans either aren’t connected to the importance of being healthy, or they don’t know how to get there.

Everyone would agree that exercising daily, having a healthy body composition (balance of fat to non-fat tissue), eating 5 servings of veggies a day, and consuming minimal empty carbs (sugars and refined starches), would be obvious parts of a real health plan. I don’t need to tell you that these are not happening.

What can you do right now about the danger of not having a health plan? Start by getting a 3-ring notebook. In it list the important factors that you think create health. Make notation of the factors that you want to be a part of your health routine. Create sections in your notebook with the following headings; health history, test results, vitamins, medications, pains-problems-diseases, exercise, healthcare practitioners, stresses, etc... Now you’re on the road.

Imagine the delighted shock on the face of your acupuncturist, medical doctor, chiropractor, or therapist when you arrive at your next appointment with your real health plan in hand! Now the two of you can get down to the business of working together to support the health that you want.

And here’s the greatest news! While medical insurance is outrageously expensive, a real health plan is something that everyone can afford.

To repeat myself, you can’t afford to not have a plan for your health!

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