Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dr. Young starts his first book today

Well, I’m in; at least for now. I begin today, October 5, 2010, fifty-nine years after my birth, writing my first book; "Turning 60 Consciously ... With Something to Say". My plan is to write daily for the next 365 days, and complete this book for my 60th birthday.

To my family and friends; please know that I will trust, love and respect you, just as I do now, whether or not you read a single word of my book. And, I mean that

Why? Why write this book?
The reasons for this book are numerous, as are the inspirations.

I have been talking with myself a lot; since childhood. Through fermentation and filtration I am left with much to say, and a desire to say it. Some of it appears to me to qualify as wisdom. Surely, much of it is not from me, but rather, passes through me; is not my original thought.

The consciousness, thinking and writing during this year will surely move me to a greater clarity, and a consolidation of my views, values and being. I expect to better know myself on October 5, 2011.

In these pages some will find comfort, and insights to a life of greater joy and connection. In trying to lend a hand through this book, I will find comfort, joy and connection.

The very thought of this project excites me! Yes, I know that much work lies ahead, but what an adventure! Everything is new! I don’t know that I have ever felt this much freedom to talk (I hear my wife and kids chuckling; or is that outright laughter I hear.); except to myself. Everyone has a life, and limited time, but in this written format, one can turn me on, or turn me off at will. No harm, no foul. I can talk to my heart’s content; not carelessly, but knowing that I can be skimmed or put down at the listeners discretion and comfort.

Sharing my views and insights with a large audience has got to be good; at least in my imagination. Wielding greater velvet clout. As a doctor, and in my personal life, like most people, the overwhelming majority of my communication has been one-on-one. An hour with a new patient that culminates with, “I feel so much better! I had no idea what was wrong with me. I feel hopeful again!”, is profoundly satisfying. So what happens when I go public with game-changing, life-changing insights? Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering; and am going to find out.

I have found that the more I know about another, the more interest I have in him, and the more love I feel for him. By making this writing public, I am inviting the probability that the same will hold true as I offer others the opportunity to know more fully, who I am.

In our culture, turning 60 is a BIG deal. I’ll ride that wave, and speak while the listening is good.

What’s the format for presenting Turning 60 Consciously?
The plan is to publish my writings to the internet each day. If the interest is there, in October of 2011, I will edit and publish a hardcopy.

The real-time internet publication will include a webpage with all the writings (give me time on this one – I am putting up a new site), a daily blog posting, probably daily Facebook posting to a “notes” page in my account, and maybe Twittering.

Today, as I write this first entry, I am experiencing a comfort, a steadiness that comes from feeling like I am in the right place; a sweet spot. And happy to be here!

Welcome to this living adventure!

Kristofer Young, DC