Sunday, October 10, 2010

DAY 6 – Is the Government to Blame?

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I’m not so much into blame these days. But .... if the idea is to do some exploring to try to understand why government and governing are so problematic, then I’m on the job.

As we all learned in school, we the people chose our form of government and we elect the officials who carry out that design. We ARE the government.

Growing up, I got the impression that one was a “good citizen” if he registered and voted. When I reached the age of 21 I started behaving like a “good citizen”.

Unfortunately I made little time to inform myself about local, state or national leaders or issues.

I knew that officials were elected to carry out the wishes of the people. But, apparently I missed the part about we the people communicating with our elected officials to let them know what we desire and expect. Previous to my 50th birthday, I knew of few individuals who had ever met with a city council person, a county supervisor, a state senator, or a member of the US Congress to discuss issues or request action.

In my 50s I began to realize that in the previous 30 years I had been meeting only the most minimal standard for being a “good citizen”. I began to realize that a part of the serious dysfunction of our government was me.

(Note: United States national election in 3 weeks; on Tuesday, November 2nd. What is your role? Are you encouraging others to vote? Are you discussing the issues and candidates with family, friends, co-workers, and people that you meet in the grocery line?)

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