Thursday, January 20, 2011

DAY 108 – Citizens United for What?

Today didn’t turn out as I had imagined. I made it to the mushroom farm, and got the compost for my vegetable garden. But then, things got more complicated.

Sitting at my computer, I took a deep breath and started into my awaiting e-mails. One or two easy ones ... and then came one from the Friends Committee on National Legislation; a Quaker lobbying group. They wondered what I was doing tomorrow regarding the 1st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC.

Right, well I was just trying to get through my e-mails! But then I’m thinkin’, “yeah, that’s the lousy decision that made legal, made the law of the land, virtually unlimited, and even secret contributions to election efforts!” And then I’m thinkin’, “that decision is so critically damaging to our values of equal representation!” And then I thought, “Alright ... I’ll look and see if there is a local gathering that I can attend.”

I don’t think my fixation with pressing social issues has a lot to do with “Turning 60”, but is does seem to have something to do with the “Consciously” part.

So, I did a search using my zip code, and found that there would be no gatherings in the Ventura or Ojai areas. The closest gatherings were in Thousand Oaks, 26 miles to the south, and in Santa Barbara, 30 miles to the north. Poop! I didn’t want to do any preparation; I just wanted to attend and do my little part.

I stewed for a bit; wasted some time; felt tense; finally created a simple plan; and then clicked on the link that said “Create Your Own Event”. Before I knew it, I was the proud owner of an on-the-fly event for tomorrow evening on the steps of Ventura City Hall. Check it out at:
You’ll find my event in the 93001 zip code area.

It’s possible I may find myself sitting quietly on the steps of City Hall with candle in hand. Or, others may come. Either way, I will be there, and I will feel good because even though confused about the path ahead, I am doing something. I am telling myself and others that I strongly believe that “Citizens United” was a dangerous decision that needs a response from “the people”.

Finally, I want dedicate tomorrow’s gathering in Ventura, to my mother-in-law, Roberta (Bobby) Bromberger, who will turn 80 on the same day, and who has worked for justice for at least as long as I have known her (45 years). I know that she experiences the social activism of others, as a gift to her. – Happy Birthday, Bobby – with love, from your son, Kris


  1. Oh, did you know Greg Rents in Oak View on 33 at Park has Mushroom Compost...........Bulk

  2. Linda,
    I didn't. Thank you for letting me know.