Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY 90 – “All Politicians Are Crooks”

Supervisor Bennett on right, at B-day party
I would be much more comfortable with this American axiom if some of my dearest friends were not politicians. The fact that it is absolutely untrue is also a bit rankling.

Given that our elected officials voluntarily take on very difficult jobs in our service, and given that many do so honorably, it is a shame how commonly they are accused, along with the crooks, of being crooks. This practice is both harmful and misguided.

Just today, I attended the 60th birthday celebration of my friend, Ventura County Supervisor, Steve Bennett. Steve is as fine, and as devoted a public servant as we will ever have. Both working and socializing with Steve during the last 10 years has provided insight into his commitment to serving the people of this County. I trust him completely.

When I hear someone say, “All politicians are crooks!”, I tend to take it personally.

 I also take it publicly; why would we want to insult all our elected public servants?

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