Monday, January 3, 2011

DAY 91 - Your Body is Not Entirely Your Own

Joanne and Kenny
“When pregnant or nursing, your body is not entirely your own.”
 ~ a mother December 2010 ~

Nice, straight-forward quote. We know what it means. Every aspect of how a mother, pregnant or nursing, cares for herself, or doesn’t, directly affects her baby.

How powerful and wonderful that deep, real interconnection of two beings!

Generally, in our culture, once nursing is over, mothers are no longer constrained by the interconnectedness of their health with the health of their children.

But, does ones health, woman or man, ever not affect the child, or for that matter, the world?

How interesting that we appear able to respond appropriately to the very obvious connections between mother and developing fetus, and mother and nursing infant, but seem much less able to understand and respond to the eternal interconnectedness of the health of parents and children, and of each of us with our world.

Lest it appear that I am criticizing women, let me say that it is not my intent to be critical at all. We all know that men are the weaker sex when it comes to our capacity to sense interconnection with our families and with humanity.

Our world will be kinder and healthier as we come to know the placental vessels that connect each of us with all others, and with all aspects of our natural world.


  1. I have actually been thinking alot about this very topic. My parents have not taken good care of themselves and it saddens me that they both have chronic illness to contend with. Seems I have accomplished my goal of motherhood at the expense of my own health and wellbeing (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). I know I owe it to my precious angel to get a grip on things NOW. Feeling a little overwhelmed and anxious about it which is not helpful. Making a list and taking one step at a time. The toughest part really is finding the energy when you are not feeling well. Its a vicious cycle.
    Thanks for the reminder. What a beautiful photograph by the way.

  2. Deanna,
    Your thoughtfulness is so beautiful!
    How are things going now?
    Dr. Young