Saturday, January 1, 2011

DAY 89 - "I’m JUST Getting Older"

Grandson Zion & Dr. Young
One reason I bring this up, is because this phrase is dangerous; not JUST for the person who says it, but for the culture that believes it. Another is that I feel pain watching others suffering. And finally, selfishly, I know that the health of our society and our views about health, effect each and every one of us.

As explanation of, or comment on their arthritis, failing memory, fifth prescription medication, diminished sense of hearing, need for stronger reading glasses, or lack of energy, many Americans say, “I’m just getting older.” Part of that, of course, is correct; we are getting older. The “just” is the problem. It converts the meaning of this simple sentence from the truth that chronologically we are older with each increment of time; to the falsehood that the common ills of later years, are caused solely by aging.

For those that may not be aware, it is known and established that improvements can be made in arthritis, memory, need for medications, sight and energy through simple exercises and lifestyle changes; without turning the clock back.

The fact of the matter is that how we live, majorly influences how we age.

Instead of focusing on getting older, we JUST need to ask ourselves:
“When did I last take a walk?”
“Have I had my vitamin D levels tested?”
“When did I last eat a salad?”
“Am I taking my vitamins regularly?”
“When was the last time I truly felt relaxed?”

Living healthfully isn’t as easy as getting old, but it is JUST what we need.


  1. Well said, Kris! I most often hear "I'm just getting older" from people who are doing nothing in the way of exercise, stress reduction, mindful eating, taking supplements, getting massages and adjustments. How can anyone be content to just deteriorate? Aging might be inevitable, but I plan to fight it (or rather the elements that can be reversed, arrested or at least slowed) every step of the way!

  2. Jean,
    Maybe the difference is that you and I know that we can do something to help ourselves; many believe they can't, and others are too tired to try.
    Dr. Young