Saturday, January 29, 2011

DAY 117 - Free Our Children from Nightmares

photo courtesy of Santa Rosa OLD SKOOL
As a child, as early as age 4, nightmares were a common part of my bedtime.

At times I was chased with the threat of knives or guns. Usually my body was heavy and weak as I tried in vain to escape.

Some nights I was falling from cliffs. One recurrent falling variation was based on my inability to maintain altitude as I flew through the sky unaided by aircraft.

I didn’t grow out of these scary dreams. As years rolled by, the content changed to include some dreams involving distressing issues in my daily life; but they continued nonetheless.

When I married at age 19, I was still having bad dreams. My wife, Joanne, adjusted quickly to my talking in my sleep, and my thrashing about, which occasionally resulted in her being awakened by a blow as I struggled to escape from danger.

Upon awakening in the morning, Joanne would often ask, “what was that about last night?” Usually, having no memory, I would ask what she was referring to. When she could remember, she would recite a few of the words that I had spoken while sound asleep and simultaneously in flight. Not infrequently, what she had remembered would bring the dream back with detail, and I could recount a lengthy ordeal.

At age 35 my bad dreams stopped; not entirely, but overwhelmingly. As I now write this, 24 years have passed, I am 59, Joanne and I still sleep together each night, and I still don’t have bad dreams, talk in my sleep, nor smack her unknowingly.

If you suspect the work of powerful mojo in this miraculous healing; you are dead right! At age 35 I completely removed dairy products from my diet.

Through my youth I had suffered with a duodenal ulcer and other digestive problems; with fatigue, with severe back pain, and with the complete ruptures of both of my achilles tendons. By 35 I had had enough of poor health and pain, and had noticed that I did not feel as well after ingesting dairy. That was enough. I have been off of dairy, and reaping the rewards, ever since.

Note: My hope in publishing this personal account of the effect of diet on my sleep and dreams is that it will awaken a few parents to the possibility that their child’s fear-filled nights might be caused or worsened by everyday foods that the child is eating.

My report does not stand alone. With a bit of research, one will find an abundance of reports and evidence of foods influencing sleep and dreams.

Please help me spare children this traumatizing fear by sharing this article with others. Also, please post comments and experiences to this book post to help spread the word.


  1. A reader of my book, on Facebook, posted:
    "Wow! Gotta try this! [My daughter] is a sleepwalker and has nightmares.

  2. Poor little Emma Rose is 3 years old and dreams that her daddy is burning in a fire and she needs to save him. She is so sure this is true that we have to specifically mention safety from fire for him in our family prayers or she gets very worried. She does have a nightly "toddy", a bottle of raw goat milk.

  3. Donna,
    Thank you! I feel comforted each time I see actions, like your post, that may result in the protection of the many children that experience these fears.
    Dr. Young

  4. Another reader, and friend, sent me this e-mail note:
    "Thank you Kris!
    I just sent this on to parents of my grandkids and nieces and nephew. I also suffered this for most of my life (jaws are still suffering the consequences of tooth grinding at night, too).

    I am so grateful! Together we can educate ourselves and protect these children.
    Dr. Young