Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DAY 113 - A Day in The Life

Let me just talk straight with you. It’s 2:30 PM and I feel tired. My shoulder muscles, between my neck and the tips of my shoulders, what are for short called traps, are tight and tense. I’ve been off coffee for 27 days, and it’s times like this when I feel that I could use a cup. I’ve got a lot of work to do. Nothing new there. Maybe that’s part of my problem. Always things, not little things, that need done. But, they don’t just need done; they need thinking, and with my brain, they often need lots of thinking. But they also need love and compassion. Is an answer an answer if it isn’t compassionate? Well, yesterday after work, I went straight to the Ventura City Council meeting which started at 6:00 PM. Big issue about whether to spend $75,000 to study whether or not to annex Canada Larga into the City. Bit stressful because even considering annexing Canada Larga, is to create and invite more urban sprawl, moving Ventura, and all of Ventura County toward becoming a clone of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Lots of folks living here, that just fled from there. Are we having trouble thinking ahead? I sat from 6:15’till 9 ish – not great for my back, legs, or health. Spoke briefly before the council to be a voice of reminder that we don’t want nor like urban sprawl, so let’s not do it. After the meeting a nice lady told me that the Council was “two-faced”. I told her that I personally knew a few of the Council members and that my opinion is that they were not liars, but were caring people working with very complicated issues. Drove home. Got a bite. (Dragged a comb across my head.) And sat down to write my daily post for my book/blog. By 11:30 PM I was done and in bed. Not so good for a guy who functions best on 10 hours of sleep per night. So, I’m snuggled in, my wife breathing quietly beside me. Now I get to deal with being wound up from the day’s feelings, activities, interactions and inactivities. My heart is racing a little; my mind definitely is. My gut is a bit tight and uncomfortable. I start with deep breaths and awareness of my traps. I begin counting my blessings; my wife, my kids, my health, the enormity of the options and opportunities in my life. Things, like my heart, begin to slow, and thanks to exhaustion, I am asleep in no time. But now it’s today and I’m in the cycle. Still lots of blessings. Still lots of stresses, tensions, and things needing done. I was thinking, that since I am doing non-patient work in the office in Ventura today, and since I won’t get home to Ojai before 6:00 PM, that it would feel good to be with a friend this evening while watching the State of the Union. While my dear friend, Bill, says that he still likes Obama, he also says that has lost some appreciation for him. Gosh, I still love the man! Why is it that so many of us can’t seem to separate the man, Obama, from what they hoped would be accomplished, but has not been? Obama has told us himself that he is not satisfied with what has been accomplished. But, how many of us are living our own lives as we think we should; and could? How many of us have a family that is without disharmony and dysfunction? How many of our cities are running smoothly, without a glitch? Holy cow! He is trying to help us run a COUNTRY! Don’t just cut him some slack, remember that you too have a responsibility for the actions and direction of our Country. Has he really become a traitor, like the Ventura City Council? Come on! Hey, what if we gave him a hand, rather than a fist? Maybe, as he has requested repeatedly, we could work together; the only way that things can be accomplished for the greater good. What got me going on that? :) So, I’m with you, with him, and trying to be with me.

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