Sunday, January 9, 2011

DAY 97 - Time to Come Clean

There were many things that drew me to the dark side.

I was tired. It can be exhausting trying to write something meaningful every single day. I was running my chiropractic practice. There’s the car, the yard, civic duties, and a thousand other things requiring attention.

But these are no excuse. I told you, I lead you to believe, that I would be writing this book. Now I see that I was seduced; I took the easy way.

He was working in the same office with me; at the same desk in fact. He was interested in my writing and without invitation, offered a few suggestions. They were good. It was not my intent, but before long, he had independently authored a few pieces that I posted as mine.

His relaxed confidence and  support were intoxicating. The worry of writer’s block was gone. He was always there to contribute or to provide a complete essay.

Bob agrees now that what we did was wrong. He supports me in coming out with the truth. I take all the blame. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope you won’t judge Bob too harshly. He’s such a nice cat.

Bob the Cat: on break


  1. What is with these cats? Mine have been doing my yoga for me. As soon as I lay the mat out onto the floor, there they are, stretching away. There is no room left for me.