Friday, December 3, 2010

DAY 60 - Simple Understandings #2 - Who Should Track Your Health?

A lot of us Americans leave our medical laboratory test results at our doctor’s office. Some of us take them home and throw them away. Some take them home and file them.

(Note: I am using the word “doctor”, above, to mean any kind of doctor that can order medical testing; MD, chiropractor, naturopath, dentist, doctor of oriental medicine, etc...)

Results once filed, may never be seen again. The trend of the subsequent results is usually unknown or forgotten. Are things getting better or worse?

I’m not complaining. This is just what I see in practice each day, and I know that by changing this, we can live happier and healthier lives.

We would all be wise to look over our test results, and then write down on a tracking form, the names of the tests that were positive (that’s medical talk for “bad”), and the results. Each time new testing, of any kind, is completed, one would post the new positive-bad results (it would be wise to also include those that are approaching abnormal too), and also post the results for tests that were previously positive-bad.

You probably don’t have a form, so I made one up for us. Click on this link, print the form, and get started. Print one for each of your family members, if they won’t find that too pushy.

Obviously you are going to file your new “Tracking My Health” form at home, but if you want to bring yourself and our healthcare system into the 21st century, bring your completed form to every doctor’s visit. I guarantee your doctor is going to jump up and hug you when she sees your form and realizes that you are serious about your health, and your desire to work with her.

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