Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DAY 78 - Death Panels or Life Panels?

“Death panels”, as they are often called, are groups of people that are asked to make determinations about the best use of a community’s limited financial resources as it relates to an individual’s need for healthcare. How interesting that some would choose to call these “death panels”, when the process of determining how to best allocate resources, is being done to maximize life in the community. I would be more apt to call these “life panels”.

Today, the US is almost 14 trillion in debt. We simply don’t have enough money to provide every American with all the drugs, MRIs, surgeries and therapies they want.

It is also clear that some people feel that no expense is too great if it will extend the life of their loved-one; regardless of the impact on others.

I realize that talk is cheap, but it is my hope that when, and if, I find myself in need of a large healthcare expenditure to continue my life, that I would consider all of you.

I support “life panels” because I value the health of my family, of our communities, and of our Country, as much as I value my own.

In the meantime, if we are truly serious about life, and whether one calls them “life panels” or “death panels”, we could all get busy protecting our lives by improving our health through daily exercise, less sugar, a few more green leafy vegetables, and a couple of hugs.

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