Thursday, December 16, 2010

DAY 73 - Beautiful Food on the Fly

I realize that this title could be confusing, cuz we’re used to a fly on the beautiful food, but today has been a different sort of day.

Since starting this book on October 5, I’m a bit fried. Writing daily is keeping me up later, on more nights in the last 72 days, than I have ever experienced in my entire life. So, imagine me this morning trying to get myself together to do my yoga, check my calendar and responsibilities, figure out a nutritious breakfast and lunch, and get to my first appointment.

For a moment, I resolved to figure out something healthy to eat. Next thing I know, I am staring at a bag of granola; plenty of sugar.

I put on a pot of buckwheat groats to steam (gluten-free). While it’s cooking, I go out to the garden and harvest some greens for stir-frying. Tree collards are what I bring in. As I lay the large leaves on top of one another for chopping, I realize that they would make a sturdy and delicious raw wrap. So here is what I did:

collard leaf wraps
steamed buckwheat groats
minced white onion
wheat-free tamari
flax oil

Really tasty! I am not always so fortunate as to pull off something of this magnitude. Great to have been creative, and to have supported myself, even when I wasn’t feeling so splendid!

I hope this account will give you a lift as you move toward food that will enliven you. If you would like to see the pictures, go to:

In the next few weeks, I should have some small tree collard plants to share with those who live nearby.

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