Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DAY 71 - Putting the “Public” into Public Health

I just created a Facebook Page called “Community of Health ~ Ventura, CA”. It is a framework for monthly gatherings for health. I think we can live more healthfully, and have a good time doing it! And part of the magic will be in doing it together!

Here is what I posted today:

What is Community of Health ~ Ventura?
COHV is friendly people coming together once a month, enjoying learning about, practicing, and staying engaged in health! COHV will provide a calming, joyful, and thoughtful environment in which to consider the factors that lead to health and that lead to imbalance, and in which to find personalized direction for health and happiness.

Who: people interested in health; for many reasons
Where: in the City of Ventura – to be figured out – offers of a comfy place?
What: 90 minute gathering with varying formats and content
When: the second Thursday of each month, from 7-8:30 PM

Who created and who will lead Community of Health ~ Ventura?
Dr. Kristofer Young, Ventura chiropractor.
“Most of us need help staying on track; staying inspired to care for our health. I have created Community of Health ~ Ventura, to help us do just that.”

Is COHV a business promotion, or a front for marketing products or services?
No, and no.


  1. Thank you Carol!
    Many of us have trouble affording health insurance and health care, but most of us can afford 90 minutes per month.