Thursday, December 9, 2010

DAY 66 - Bird Hugger

 tiny yellow-breasted friend
fluttering wings
sipping at the gurgling fountain

almost within reach
I, feeling grateful
for the trust embodied in our closeness

I, clumsy and monolingual
foolishly long to hug you
I, hoping that my quiet and stillness
feel like love to you


(photo by Mary and her camera at Flickr)


  1. I love this Dr Young. It's beautiful.

  2. Thank you Deanna! I knew, as I watched the bird, that many others feel love, connection, and a desire to hug birds, bunnies, and even trees.

    With love for all,
    Dr. Young

  3. I confess that I want to hug the birds in my yard, too!

    I love hearing your voice, Kris, so loud and clear and beautiful. THANK YOU.

  4. Tor,
    I almost titled it - Confessions of a Bird Hugger!
    I feel comforted with clear connections to other bird huggers, and life lovers!
    You are so welcome!
    And I feel loved and comforted with you in my life.
    Big brother, Kris