Thursday, December 23, 2010

DAY 80 - The Magic of Juicing with My Son

Juicing wasn’t really feasible this last September when we stayed with him and Jenny at their new studio apartment in Greenwich Village, but my son, Kenn (aka Kay) and I have a pact. When we are together, at his house, or mine, we start the day off making and drinking fresh vegetable juice. One day I am responsible for juicing, the next, he is.

We both have an interest in green juices, and enjoy experimenting with a variety of herbs and vegetables. Anything goes as long as it’s heavy on nutrition and light on the sugar.

As with so many things in my life, I have great intentions to regularly make fresh vegetable juice, but I have never been able to stay on track for anything but a short time. Our pact assures me a few more days of fresh juice, and is a small part of my overall health plan.

For me, the magic arises from the amalgamation of a shared interest in health, a shared connection to fresh juice, a sharing of energy for action, a joyful pact, and a soft spot in my heart for my son.

Question: do you have a mutual health pact with a friend or family member?

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  1. Not a mutual health pact but a soft spot in my heart for Robert to be sure. Keep up the daily posts!