Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DAY 64 – I Will Vote for President Obama in 2012

It is true, I will vote for Obama in 2012, but the reason for this writing is to say that I think “we the people” are missing a really big boat.

I feel tension in my body; mostly in my gut. I feel pressed. I don’t feel powerless, but I see no easy answers; no quick fixes. We elected a brilliant President in 2008; one who cares about all people and about our planet, one who communicates in an artful and real way with individuals and with the world, but he’s not good enough for us; he’s not perfect. Of course, he can’t be perfect, because that’s not possible, but also because one man’s perfect is another man’s damned.

Most of us talk about doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, but nobody I know would want to be done unto like we are doing to Barack Obama.

It’s easy to understand folks talking bad about him when they: don’t believe in global warming, think that gays are sinners, are certain that the more nuclear weapons the better, support more tax breaks for the wealthy, or insist that he is a Muslim.

But understanding the trash talkin’ of those who agree with the President on most important matters, including, and right down to the less important fact that he is a Christian, is a bit more complicated.

One would think that Americans that have been married, or in a committed relationship, would understand the enormous amount of compromise that must occur between two people. Giving those same Americans the benefit of the doubt, one would expect that they would realize that the amount of compromise that would be necessary during a presidency must be staggering; running a country, being a little more complex than marriage.

As I write this, it finally dawns on me ... perhaps all this does make sense; whenever our President does other than we wish, we Americans want to throw the bum out, and, maybe out of the same confused reasoning ... we Americans can’t seem to stay married either.

If this honeymoon and marriage were to end in 2012, America would be the loser.

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